Puck Shui

The Dallas Morning News has an interesting item on how the club is trying to socially engineer the locker room (login info.):

Team-building is a key phrase for the Stars this season. In fact, the organization has gone so far as to rearrange the player seating in the locker room.

Defensemen were previously grouped together in one corner. They now are interspersed throughout the room. And there has been thought to who sits by whom, with good friends Mike Modano and Darryl Sydor neighbors and recently acquired center Ribeiro getting a spot next to former Montreal Canadiens teammate Stephane Robidas.

I think there’s a lot of money to be made doing this kind of human feng shui. A few weeks ago the Times had a great article on how NFL coaches are changing the physical elements of team spaces in an effort to change the culture of the team. Sadly, the article is now behind the dreaded pay wall. Which is a shame because it was really interesting. You’re going to have to trust me on that. Unless you have TimesSelect.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I have TimesSelect. I’ve now read this article twice.
You know who’s not behind a pay wall? PJ. He’s got a great post featuring an email from former San Jose State captain Ray Kellam, now playing in the Spanish Hockey League. It’s a great insight into playing hockey in a non-hockey culture and the kind of great stuff you really won’t see anywhere else. Sharkspage is a great blog. I’m not sure we say that enough.