The Perils of Hockey in Texas

You know why it’s not always a great idea to have a hockey team in Dallas? And I ask this knowing there’s a fair share of Stars fans reading this.
It’s because eventually, you’re going to have to play against a Dallas Cowboys game and no one will come to see the Stars (login info.).
Sadly, here is what Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said after the game:

I’m ashamed to put a team out there that plays like that. I mean, really. We ought to apologize to the people that came out to watch that. That’s not good football.

It would have been nice if he could have added “I wish everyone had gone to watch the Stars tonight. It really would have been time better spent.”

Also, I love this TSN headline: Gretzky Feeling The Grind Of Coaching. I would have gone with Coyotes Feeling the Grind of Playing for Gretzky and Losing.