The So-So One

Far be it from me to jump on the fire Wayne Gretzky bandwagon.
He’s just not a great coach. Obviously, his team has its flaws. But Tuesday night, the Coyotes give up a short-handed goal, going down 3-1, and Gretzky pulls goalie Mike Morrison. So now, not only are the Coyotes losing, and not only is Gretzky shaking the confidence of his backup goalie, but he’s sending in his number one goalie cold. It’s just a succession of poor decisions with no benefit for anyone.
I’m not saying Gretzky is a bad coach because he was such a great player and there’s some sort of delicious irony in calling him out as a coach. I’m just saying he’s a great player who happens to be a bad coach. It’s not delicious. It’s just kind of frustrating.