Guerin Not the Boss

I’m really loving all of the hockey blogs newspapers are starting. They have way more dirt than the print editions. Maybe one day I’ll get into that whole can of worms, but for now, enjoy this fantastic tidbit from Mike Heika’s Dallas Morning News Stars blog:

Marty Turco thinks he has a great way to welcome Bill Guerin tonight when the Blues skate out at American Airlines Center. Guerin is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and, well, Turco picks it up from there:

“We were joking that when they come out in the warm-up that we’ll put some Bruce Springsteen on he’ll come out and say, ‘Oh wow, they’re welcoming me back.’ And then we’ll just stop it dead, like errrererr (makes sound of record scratching) and put on some country or some rap. We figured he’d love that.”

Sadly, I could read stuff like that all day.
OK. Not hockey related, but please enjoy former Mets catcher Mike Piazza performing “Youth Gone Wild” with Skid Row. I was pretty shocked to learn Sebastian Bach, whose brother is a goalie, is no longer their singer. I was also shocked to learn it’s 2006, not 1986.