I’m not sure how interesting this is to non-Ranger fans, but the Journal News had an interesting chat with Rangers’ defenseman Thomas Pock. The Rangers blueline is a mess. The defensemen are slow, hesitant to make contact, and absurdly inefficient moving the puck out of their defensive zone. Pock is fast and has a cannon of a shot and he’s spent the bulk of the season not playing. Pock seems cool about everything, but it’s a little weird coach Tom Renney isn’t taking advantage of guy who I believe can be one of the NHL’s top offensive defenseman.

Also, want to talk awkward? Try being a member of the Kariya family. The Times has a positively creepy article about Noriko Kariya, sister of Nashville’s Paul Kariya. Some examples:

None [of her brothers] has ever seen her box in person, though Martin has watched her fight on videotape.

Last month, when the Predators played the Devils at Continental Arena, Noriko sat 11 rows up from the visitors’ bench. Paul did not know she was there; she did not tell him. He had not given her a ticket; she had not asked. After the Predators defeated the Devils in a shootout, there were no words or greetings. That’s the way she likes it.

[Promoter Lou] DiBella would love to see the brothers at ringside to generate more interest in Noriko. “Having brothers is something she is going to have to take advantage of,” he said. But he has no plans to fly them to the fight.

“I know they won’t show up,” Noriko said.

Quite a Christmas card, right?