Devils Fans: ‘It’s the D, Stupid’

So no one is going to see the Devils? That’s actually fairly interesting. People are saying it’s because the Devils are getting ready to move to Newark. I think it’s because their blueline has gotten very pedestrian.
Devils fans are used to guys like Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermayer, and Ken Daneyko. The Devils don’t have anyone with that kind of gravitas on their blueline anymore. And I think the blueline is where most Devils fans are looking.
It’s yet another thing for GMs to consider when they build their teams. They should probably think about the culture of the fans. If defense is important to the fans, maybe it’s where they need to spend the money. Nothing against Scott Gomez or anything. Just a thought.
Also, a newish site called Sports Media Guide recently had a nice interview with Helene Elliot, who used to cover the NHL for the LA Times, but who is now a general sports columnist. SMG asked her what the NHL thinks of the shrinking NHL coverage in newspapers: “The league said newspapers aren’t as important as they used to be – they lack immediacy – all this kind of nonsense,” she said. “They should have been panicked.”
It’s pretty interesting how the league isn’t into newspapers, yet they’re also not really reaching out to blogs in a serious way. I’m curious where the NHL is focusing their attention. Radio? ‘Zines? Are a bunch of teletype enthusiasts getting press credentials?
Finally, hockey fans can’t complain about their hockey movie options being limited to SLAP SHOT and THE MIGHTY DUCKS. There’s a new documentary called IN THE CREASE, featuring actual NHL players. I don’t really know much more about it, but you can buy the DVD and/or learn more here: I’m pretty optimistic I can finally take THE CUTTING EDGE out of my hockey movie rotation.