Just Call Him J-Rod

I don’t think I knew just how complex Jaromir Jagr’s contract was. I knew the Caps were paying him to pay in New York, but I didn’t know about all of the incentives in the contract.
Now I do, thanks to Darren Dreger.
According to Dreger, Jagr gets an extra year on his contract, at a cool $11 million (before adjusted for the CBA salary rollback), if he wins the Art Ross, the Hart, or the Conn Smythe. Plus, in the next two seasons, if he gets 180 points, or 80 goals, and the Rangers win two playoff rounds, he gets another year at $8.6 million (before adjusted for the rollback). Plus, next year, if he scores 40 goals or picks up 90 points, the 2008-09 option kicks in.
What’s so interesting is you have to wonder if Jagr would even want the options to kick in. The whole issue with the salary cap is that, for the most part, if a team is giving you a stunning salary, you’re just handcuffing yourself in terms of people to play with.
The Jagr contract is an interesting relic of the pre-cap NHL.
Also, HoopsWorld.com had a nice piece on how the NBA is clamping down on NBA content on sites like YouTube and Google Video and pushing fans to NBA.com. It’s not often that you see the NHL actually having more of a clue than another sport, but here is a nice example of that. The NHL knows its fans want content and it made some deals to make it easy for them to get it and use it online. The NBA only seems interested in goosing the stats for NBA.com.
Plus, and I really think this makes things worse on some level, the NBA is doing a really poor job of purging the videos.