Tanguay Represses

OK. I was fairly shocked to learn Alex Tanguay is mad the Avs didn’t re-sign him. Why is he just talking about it now? It seems so random. Why didn’t he say anything when he was traded?
I apologize if you were expecting more of a point to this. It just really kind of puzzled me and I needed to share.
Also, how funny are the Sedin twins? ESPN.com has a great interview:

Q: Who on the Canucks still has trouble telling you apart?

Daniel: Everyone says they can tell us apart, but I doubt it [laughs]. The players aren’t too bad, but the coaches have a tough time. Sometimes they’re yelling at me, but they think I’m Henrik.

Q: So what do you do?

Henrik: We just take it, and then go tell the other guy what the coach said.