No Fury for Fleury, I Hope

Life can be very funny.
Yesterday, I was looking for a Marc-Andre Fleury bobblehead on eBay (I’m still in a holding pattern on that, FYI).
I caught the word Fleury in the search bar and I was suddenly thinking ‘I wonder what Theo Fleury is up to.’ So I pop into Nexis and discover a Calgary Sun article from Tuesday of this week.
Crazy, right? What are the odds? This is totally a MEDIUM episode.
So anyway, Fleury now runs his own business, working as an acrylic sealer.
He’s sober 18 months and seems happy. At least he seems happy to not be a part of the new NHL:

You can’t be a (jerk) on the ice because there are two officials and 12 guys in Toronto watching every move you make. For a guy like me, I needed that aspect of my game to be effective. The craziness, the intimidation, the unpredictability — there’s no more of that in the game. They’ve taken personality right out.

I’m glad he’s doing OK. Fleury never seemed to have any kind of inner calm. I really hope he’s found it now.
And I hope Versus considers him for some studio work. I think he and Brett Hull would have a lot to talk about.
Also, is there anyone working harder than the Islanders to get fans in the building? Their latest idea is Bring-a-Fan-to-Work day, which is actually going on over two days. They invited fans into the decrepit Nassau Coliseum and let the magic happen:

More than 60 team employees – from team captain Alexei Yashin, to the “ice girls” who sweep up chips during games, to the all-important sales staff – ushered fans through the building, in which orange sheets of paper were taped to about one-third of the seats proclaiming, “This seat available.”

You really have to hand it to the Islanders. They really are doing everything they can to sell tickets. But should a pro team really have to work that hard?