York: ‘I Put the York in New York…I Mean Philadelphia’

Goodbye, JABS.
Congrats to JABS mastermind Chris Young, though. He’s moving into a new gig at The Toronto Star.
On an even sadder note, the Flyers have got to love this little tidbit from Ed Moran: “If [the Flyers] play just a smidgen over .500, they’d still finish with only about 70 points, falling short of the playoffs by about 20 points.”
That’s tough. It’s not even January.
You have to admire the Flyers for even bothing with trades, like Randy Robitaille for Islander Mike York. The Islanders are obviously looking to clear cap space for a somebody. Randy Robitaille is making $600,000 while Mike York makes $2.85 million. The Islanders are set at goal for the next 25 years and their blueline is pretty robust, so I’m guessing they’re looking for a power forward. I’m also guessing, and this is 100% speculation, the Isles are eyeing the Blues for parts.