NHL Mini Cup

Mark Everson had an interesting column today, suggesting the NHL create a mini in-season round-robin regional tournament to create interest in the NHL’s often cosmetic regular season.
The teams would only be playing for pride, but it would be a nice way to formalize team performances within some of the more intense local rivalries. In a bit of a coincidence, the Blackhawks are playing two games in three nights in St. Louis. The Blackhawks are staying in town rather than going home for the day, which gives two otherwise ordinary games a playoff-like intensity. As Everson points out, it wouldn’t be too hard to get the existing NHL schedule to bend to this kind of mini-tournament. In a lot of ways, the foundation is already in place.
You know. Or we could make the uniforms tighter. Either/or.
Speaking of St. Louis, did anyone else know Blues president John Davidson offered the GM job to NHL VP Colin Campbell? Current GM Larry Pleau must love that.