Good News/Bad News

How many NHL GMs are sitting around pounding their foreheads over the rebirth of the Phoenix Coyotes? Another few weeks of solid play and the Coyotes won’t be giving away the team for prospects. Even the Coyotes can’t love the idea of being a bubble team, though. Because bubble teams are constantly wondering ‘do we buy or sell?’ And I bet it’s always in Sam Waterston’s voice.
Also, NBC is looking for live people to watch their January 13 NHL on NBC kickoff near the Rockefeller Plaza ice rink. It seems like there’ll be food and drink (although I’m not sure if it’s free &#151 NBC says there are discounts, though). There will also be prizes for fans wearing NHL hats and jerseys.
Normally I’d scoff at the idea of being outside in January, but it’s been gorgeous here in New York City. You could totally spend a nice afternoon outside.