Evolutionary Hockey-ology

So the Flyers are having a tough year. But don’t worry. They have a plan.
They’re going to try and sign some big free agents next season (login info.).
You know. Because Derian Hatcher and Peter Forsberg and Petr Nedved all worked out really well this season. Sure, with GM Bobby Clarke gone, you have to think the recruitment process will be a little better, but maybe the Flyers need someone in the organization who can talk to everyone about slowly building a team, developing roles and role players, and then going for the big free agents.
Also, Damien Cox, writing on ESPN.com, says the Florida Panthers are in trouble. You know. A struggling team in a struggling market. I’m not sure. The Panthers have some youth, and if Todd Bertuzzi ever edges back near his prime, which is a big if, I think his size and strength will be a fantastic lesson to the other big bodies on the team. There’s some potential for the Panthers to become a band of Bertuzzis.
That’s really the beauty of hockey. It’s not like the NBA, where a single player can make an impact (although Allen Iverson might disagree with me). Hockey teams are evolutions. One player can become the start of something good, or the completion of something good, but rarely is he both. So a team like the Flyers can look to free agency all they want, but they should probably also spend some time looking in the locker room. And a team like the Panthers, who haven’t looked good in quite some time, but that has a solid youth core under the hood, might not be quite as dead as it looks.
You know. Except for their playing in God’s waiting room. But other than that, I think the Panthers might one day be OK.