Kicking It Larry King-style

Larry Brooks says the NHL seems very hot to make the nets bigger, in an effort to increase scoring. Shockingly, goalie Martin Brodeur thinks it’s a bad idea.
But he’s actually right. If the NHL wants more scoring, I’d seriously clamp down on goalies freezing the puck. To start, stop goalies from coming way out of the crease to fall on a puck in play. And maybe reconsiders the goalies’ ability to stop play at all. If the puck is constantly in play, scoring will go up.
* * *
Major League Baseball is puttings its Extra Innings out-of-market games package exclusively on DirecTV, the latest example of a sports league putting money ahead of fans. I mention this only as a warning to the NHL that if it enters into a similar deal with its Center Ice package, they risk losing even more fans.
Short term, I’m sure there’s value in trading fans and audience for cash, but long term, people just find something else to do with their time.
And then you’re not able to give these sports packages away.