Nolan Keeps Making Nice

I don’t know for a fact that Islanders coach Ted Nolan was blackballed from the NHL after his time in Buffalo. I suspect it, but I don’t know it. But it seems Nolan is a bit nervous about his reputation. He made it a point to mention a) he’s not trying to unload the slumping Miroslav Satan and b) the two are not engaged in any kind of feud. I hadn’t heard about any of this, but I have noticed Satan seems genuinely fond of Nolan and Nolan has always been very supportive of Satan. In fact, Nolan has done a heck of a lot of line-juggling to try and get Satan going.
Of course, the Islanders have been freeing up money lately. They could be shopping for linemates for Satan. Or they could be shopping Satan.
Although that no-trade clause in his contract seems to indicate he’ll be staying on the Island.