Iginla: ‘I Feel Centered’

You really don’t have to believe me, but Saturday night, watching LA at Edmonton, I was thinking what a great player Craig Conroy is, and how amazing Calgary would be if he was still there. It wasn’t a deliberate thought. It was just kind of a fleeting idea.
Or was it?
Conroy is back with the Flames, with the Flames giving up draft picks and Jamie Lundmark, whose NHL role rapidly seems to be as the throw-in player in Western Conference trades. Still, it’s a living.
Speaking of living, Conroy centered Iginla during his 2001-02 52-goal campaign.
Iginla is probably trying to increase his healing right now, as I type this.
* * *
The always-excellent Sports Media Guide has a nice interview with Greg Logan, who covers the Islanders for Newsday. It’s interesting for a few reasons: Logan is the only full-time beat writer covering the team, which presents its own issues. Also, Logan seems like a very thoughtful guy. There’s nothing flip in his Isles coverage and that really comes through in the interview.