Thornton Trade Still Looking Awful

The most interesting part of Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau going to Calgary for Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew? Stuart and Primeau were both part of what San Jose sent over for Joe Thornton, making that deal look even worse over time. I know I would feel a lot better if Boston would just admit it was an awful trade. I really need the closure.
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Off Wing has a nice scoop: the NHL has been leaning on Versus to get a nightly NHL highlight show and it looks like it’s going to happen. Next season. You know. No hurry or anything. I know I’ve complained about the lack of a highlight show on Versus, but given the network’s meager reach, I wonder if the NHL shouldn’t just produce something itself, hire a cool host, and just post it on YouTube every day. To be extra meta, the show could just be the best highlights fans have posted on YouTube. Because this was Versus’ Sunday night primetime lineup:

7:30pm HOLY @#%*!
10:00pm ROCKY IV

I know what ROCKY IV is, but I couldn’t even tell you the genre of the programming from 7:30 to 9:59. I’m not even sure those aren’t typos. Or that the Versus site hasn’t been hacked or something.
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I kind of had a feeling Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr didn’t always get along (they’ve publicly disagreed about how the Rangers should run their powerplay), but Tim Panaccio gets a lot more specific (login info.):

The Rangers wanted a nasty guy to help them in their playoff push, so they picked up Sean Avery last week. But Avery doesn’t get along with Brendan Shanahan, who doesn’t get along with Jaromir Jagr… .

Interestingly, the New York media have been reporting that Shanahan signed off on Avery’s move to New York and that Avery really looks up to Shanahan. So who knows. But Panaccio has a good track record.
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Helene Elliott had a great column on the movie BREAKFAST WITH SCOT, which is the fictional story about a gay ex-Maple Leaf who adopts a kid with his partner. She brings it around to the often homophobic culture of the NHL and then brings that around to John Amaechi, the former NBA player who came out this week (login info.). As one might expect, Elliot comes down in favor of using the movie as a teachable moment, and in the spirit of expanding the conversation, you might want to give it a read.
Obviously, this would all be a much cooler thing if the movie didn’t start that idiot from the TV show ED.