Three Simple Rules

ESPN’s Terry Frei wants a ‘Doug Weight Rule’ for the NHL.
The rule would ban traded players who are becoming free agents from re-signing immediately with the team that traded the player. St. Louis traded Weight to Carolina last year and then Weight re-signed with the Blues.
Frei is concerned out-of-the-playoffs GMs would hook up friends with talented players who are going to re-sign with the team trading them, knowing the only thing being lost is salary.
I really don’t see what the big deal is. Does anyone really want to see talented players sitting out the post-season? I don’t see who was really hurt by Weight helping Carolina win the Cup and then going back to St. Louis (other than Edmonton).
If I were going to make a rule, though, I’d seriously consider a ‘Geoff Sanderson Rule’ that prevents teams from trading for players and then releasing them back to the original team via waivers when the season is over. That seems sketchy to me.
Or how about a ‘Todd Marchant Rule’ that prevents teams from using waivers to trade players with no-trade clauses.