Blake Baby

This time of year, I’m kind of scared to write anything, because by the time any kind of trade speculation goes up, it’s already kind of outdated. So I’m trying to type as slowly as possible while I watch the sites.
I’m a bit shocked the Isles are/were maybe thinking of parting with Jason Blake. Supposedly, a bunch of Western teams are very interested, and the Isles are wisely not considering moving Blake within the East.
Now obviously, I’m not any kind of GM/backup goalie, but I think the Isles are interested in moving the solid Blake, who they haven’t been able to re-sign, because they have the sense that he’s in the middle of the best season he’ll ever have. Since the Isles are a bubble team on their best day, why not trade while the value’s highest?
Also, the Violent Femmes are doing Wendy’s commercials? I thought they kind of sold out when Ethan Hawk sang one of their songs in REALITY BITES, although I’m not sure if they had a say in that. Then I knew they sold out when they did SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. So yeah. Acoustic punk is no longer viable. And that’s no rumor. It’s a P5 statement of fact.