The Life of Smythy

Wow. Edmonton trading Ryan Smyth turned out to be more controversial than I thought.
USA Today? Not a big fan of the move.
Mike Heika from the Dallas Morning News? Not a big fan of Smyth: “Bottom line: Smyth has never had more than 70 points in a season and was asking for MVP money. He wasn’t worth it, and his agent wouldn’t listen, so Oilers GM Kevin Lowe did what he had to do. I laughed out loud when they said on television that Smyth was devastated by the trade. Well, if he would have signed a contract that was closer to Shane Doan’s or Brenden Morrow’s, then he could have stayed with the Oilers for the rest of his life.”
Terry Jones? Curious how the two sides couldn’t come together over $100,000.
Anaheim GM Brian Burke? Kind of mad about the trade process in general: “I talk to Florida assistant GM Randy Sexton about Todd Bertuzzi, and he tells me “the guy we ‘like is Perry.’ I offer him profanity. If you are offended by profanity, it’s difficult to make a trade in the NHL. If you are going to try to rob me, at least wear a mask.”
Me? I’m shocked Buffalo isn’t getting more guff for what they got for goalie Marty Biron: a second round pick and the opportunity to obtain Ty Conklin, the goalie who cost Edmonton the Stanley Cup. If the Sabres had traded Biron last season, when everyone wanted him, they could have gotten a huge return. It seemed like a big waste.