Nice Things

Nice! HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA is staying with the CBC. Interestingly, the new deal caps the number of Leafs game, and rotates in other Canadian teams. I’m guessing this deal started before the Oilers went into a tailspin.
More nice! The NHL is asking GMs to get more specific announcing injuries, rather than just specifying upper body/lower body. The big loophole is GMs don’t have to get specific if they think the player will be in danger upon their return to the ice, meaning nothing will really change. The whole practice of not specifying is pretty pointless, though. You see someone get their knee walloped and after the game, the coach says it’s a lower body injury. Anyone who can maintain a thought for 60 minutes is going to make the connection between the two events.
Also, Greg Logan loves Ryan Smyth as an Islander. I liked Ryan Smyth’s first tour of duty as an Islander, when he was Michael Peca. I don’t know if Smyth wants to stay on the Island, but he’s pretty tight with Mike Sillinger and watching him on the bench a few times, he always seems to be laughing, which has to be a good sign for the Isles.