Hartley Hearts Hotlanta

This is interesting: Thrashers coach Bob Hartley is in the walk year of his contract.
I really love watching Hartley coach in Atlanta. He’s got a lot of interesting pieces he’s not afraid to mix and match. Ilya Kovalchuk and Bobby Holik on a line? He’s done that. Marian Hossa on the penalty kill? Why not? It’s pure creativity that’s been working very well for Atlanta, as they prepare to enter the playoffs for the first time.
Here’s hoping Hartley gets a nice contract from Atlanta. Although, if for some odd reason he doesn’t, I bet a lot of other teams would be interested.
Also, an interesting note about Hartley: He lost his job at a paper mill in 1982, after the mill closed. He had car payments, a mortgage, and a young child. So it’s nice to see things working out.