Drop the Puck Already!

Versus sent me a note that they had put up something with the NHL’s 30 (I only count 15) greatest playoff moments. I’m always cynical about these pitches, but the guy pitching me mentioned the 1994 Rangers, so I figured I’d click over as a courtesy. The site has a pretty nice setup, though. It’s got a lot of cool videos, like Bobby Orr’s upside-down goal, one of my personal favorites. There are also some odd choices, like Paul Kariya’s goal after Scott Stevens stole his soul for a minute in the 2003 finals, but for the most part, it’s pretty fun.
Do you know what else is fun? Don Cherry on American television. Personally, given what NBC is going through with Imus, I don’t think Cherry will be very colorful. In fact, I’d be shocked if he wasn’t on a six-minute delay while broadcasting in front of a team of lawyers, but maybe something interesting will slip through.