The Hall Terminal

I know I briefly touched on playoff ratings being down, but I’m not convinced hockey is done with.
I had class last night, with my phone set to get scores from the end of each period of Rangers-Thrashers (thanks!), but I wanted the score before I left campus, so I jumped on a hallway terminal. And of course, it was frozen. So I wait for the guy next to me to finish up and when he’s done, I see he has ESPN’s NHL page up with the scores.
So the NHL still matters to some people.
Also, is there anything better in all of sports than the after-series handshake?
Obviously, I’m asking because the Rangers are now in the second round of the playoffs.
Also, like Eric, I’m really shocked by the behavior of Islander fans. It’s not like hockey is new to the market. Those fans know how to act at a big game. They know throwing stuff on the ice isn’t acceptable. They know fans are an extension of a team and by showing a lack of respect for the game, they’re making their team look bad. I’m not 100% convinced the bad bounces and tough calls the Islanders have (and haven’t) been getting aren’t a result of fan karma. I guess it’s a chicken-egg thing, though.