Over For Overtime?

Wow. Larry Brooks is good. His Sunday column was all about how the NHL Competition Committee is considering changing the playoff overtime format. Acknowledging playoff overtimes don’t always highlight the greatest hockey, they’re thinking about something like one five-on-five twenty minute overtime that would then change to four-on-four, with the idea the four-on-four is more fun to watch and more likely to lead to scoring.
Brooks is good because Rangers-Sabres went into double overtime yesterday, with the Rangers finally winning in the 16th minute of the second OT. After killing six consecutive power plays and having a goal waved off in regulation.
But the league doesn’t want Buffalo to win or anything.
Also, Mrs. PuckUpdate and I DVR’d the game and didn’t actually get to see the end because the DVR kicked off after the first overtime. So overtime obviously affects everyone in very powerful ways. I’m not sure four-on-four would have actually helped in our case, but I like to think it would have.
Also, here is a game based on Ville Peltonen’s ambulance adventures. Didn’t the original STREET FIGHTER game have a level like this?