This is pretty interesting. did a an article on Chris Chelios (blah blah million years old blah blah chili).
Detroit coach Mike Babcock has a neat quote, though:

Who led Vancouver in the playoffs in scoring? Trevor Linden did. The playoffs are like the fountain of youth. If you think they’re jacked up in exhibition, if you think they’re jacked up for Game 65, they’re not. They might be borderline asleep…But they’re jacked up now and they’re competitive people. The reason they’ve been so good is they’re so competitive and their instincts when the game is on the line are as good as anyone.

I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem in Buffalo. Everyone seems to have noticed a lack of intensity in the Sabres. Sure they have the increasingly elderly Teppo Numminen, and the intense Chris Drury, but they don’t seem to have a real dominant personality in the room. They don’t have a Linden or a Chelios or a Niedermayer. That might be the piece of the puzzle Buffalo seems to be missing.