American Newspapers: ‘What Cup?’

Tarik El-Bashir blogs about what a lot of us outside of Ottawa and Anaheim have noticed: not many newspapers are covering the finals at all.
El-Bashir points to a Globe and Mail article that actually breaks down just who isn’t covering the finals. It’s a shockingly large list. Papers like the Washington Post, the Detroit papers, and even the New York Post, which has always been pretty hockey heavy for New York City.
It’s very interesting because without a presence in the papers, there’s even less of a chance hockey will make it to talk radio, meaning a decent chunk of general sports fans will hear nothing about hockey until the regular season resumes. And obviously, that’s no way to grow a game.
Honestly, if I’m the NHL, I’m seriously considering taking out full-page ads in the top fifty American papers, with the ads articles and photos from the finals. You just can’t let a national market ignore your finals.