A Day Late, A Buck Short

Everyone’s done a nice job of wrapping up game one.
My two cents?
Anaheim can’t possibly win giving up that many power plays. During most of the game, all I could really think was that the NHL was trying to make a point with the officiating. The NHL definitely doesn’t want Anaheim’s, um, gritty?, style of play to dominate the game. You could almost see the NHL braintrust telling the officials to make sure Anaheim paid for every crosscheck, trip, slash, and hold.
Also, it’s interesting how cyclical things are in the NHL. As Don Maloney was officially sworn in as GM of the Coyotes, Mike Milbury, who replaced Maloney as GM of the Islanders, stepped down as an organizational VP. Milbury had a marketing role when he really wanted to be around hockey. I’d love to see Milbury in Columbus, just for the sheer trainwreck of it all.
I’m curious how Maloney will do in Phoenix. His main role with the Rangers (as I understood it, anyway) was getting the big club system and the minor league system to sync up their playing styles so players could move up and down relatively painlessly. The Rangers didn’t really take advantage of that, but the few times they had to, it seemed to work well. I’m guessing he’ll start there in Phoenix, since getting the big club ready to compete in the NHL might be a bit of a huge first project.