Searching for Emilio Estevez

So I guess Ottawa will spend the rest of the off-season spinning last night’s game as the result of their being told the first period wouldn’t count, and that in the second period, response goals would be waved off.
The thing is, you really need to get that in writing.
Ottawa reminded me a lot of Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning. There was a calmness that bordered on depraved indifference. There were quite a few points where Ottawa could have overtaken Anaheim, but the Senators couldn’t string those moments together for more than a minute or so at a time.
Obviously, Ottawa is ready for Alexei Yashin to come home.
I wonder if Disney is mad they sold the Ducks. Winning the Cup would have been a nice ‘I’m going to Disney World moment.’
Congratulations, Anaheim. All that’s left is for Chris Pronger to request his summer trade.
I’m sad the finals are over. I might not hear Ozzy’s BARK AT THE MOON for the rest of the summer. I think Anaheim played it before every other faceoff.
FULL DISCLOSURE: It’s on my iPod. I listen to it like once a week.