Muckler Stops Believing

Is it me or is every recent Sunday spent wondering if someone was whacked?
Last week, I had no idea what the hell happened to Tony. Heart disease? Bullet? Retirement? Spinoff?
This week, I have no idea what happend to Ottawa GM John Muckler. Is he in? Is he out?
You may recall Ottawa made it to the Stanley Cup finals just a week or so ago. The team imploded, which would seem to indicate a coaching issue more than a team construction issue. So it’s curious that coach Bryan Murray seems to be sliding into the GM slot. I guess he would have been made owner if the Senators had won the Cup? Or if the top line had shown up for the Finals?
Of course, over in Boston, coach Dave Lewis never saw it coming. After an awful season but vague commitments, he was fired (login info.). Lewis didn’t do a great job with an average-at-best team. But one season seems to be a bit soon to pull the trigger. Kevin Paul Dupont guesses GM Peter Chiarelli better settle into some kind of coaching rhythm, or he’ll be on the dole, too. To be honest, I never really understood why Mike Sullivan was fired in the first place. Dupont also says former Isles GM/Bruins hero Mike Milbury would be a great coach. I’m not sure how he’d be from a strategy perspective, but he’d be pretty fun to watch.
Also, Larry Brooks reports “Mark Recchi and Gary Roberts…will either return to the Penguins together or not at all”. It’s a good thing Joe Nieuwendyk retired or the three of them would probably be looking for an all-or-nothing deal. They’d maybe even demand to be on the same line.
Finally, apparently Loudon Wainwright III is an Islanders fan. Who knew?