Not-So-Secret Islander Fans

The Islanders are getting huge.
As you may recall, I recently learned Loudon Wainwright III is some kind of Islanders fan.
And now, PuckUpdate has learned ENTOURAGE’s Kevin Connolly is one. On Sunday’s episode, he wore an Islanders cap throughout the entire show. This was the best grab I could find:

Picture of ENTOURAGE's Eric Connolly wearing an Islanders' cap

I did some research and apparently Connolly is a hockey/Isles fan:

I just know you’re an Islanders fan.

Die-hard Islanders fan – and we’re going to the playoffs, and we’re going big in the playoffs. Islanders are going to go deep into the playoffs. I feel it.

Do you paint your face?

Do I what?!?

Paint your face.

With Islanders colors? No, but I wear an Islanders hat. I’m wearing one on Entourage this year a couple times. The Islanders are the pride and joy of Long Island. They’re all we got out there.

Obviously, it’s an old interview.
So there you have it.
Also, Doubt About It, a Pittsburgh sports blog is comparing the 1991 Cup-winning Penguins to the 1992 version. Definitely worth checking out.