Oh Yeah. There Was a Draft, Too

OK. Islanders Army has a great screen grab of ENTOURAGE’s Kevin Connolly sporting his Isles pride. I didn’t see last night’s episode, so I can’t confirm the rumor that Mike Bossy is going to join the cast as Vince’s life coach.
Speaking of the Isles, Larry Brooks says they basically let Ryan Smyth name his own price and he’s not biting. He also says Calgary might make a run at Smyth, probably to annoy the Oilers as much as anything else.
As Scott Burnside reports, with the Scott Hartnell/Nathan Horton contract signings, a lot of free agents, like Smyth, can only benefit from waiting for the market to drive contract prices up even more. It’s a good thing the owners got a cap. Otherwise there would be a lot of bad contracts floating around out there.
Oh wait.
In Boston, it seems the media are already trying to pit new coach Claude Julien against high-priced defenseman Zdeno Chara (login info.). Chara can always play for the Celtics if things get too uncomfortable, though.
The Caps have new uniforms that are kind of retro. I’m not a huge fan of the all red style in hockey, though. It often makes the players look like they’re wearing their pajamas. I’m thinking more Coyotes than Detroit, though. The Blue Jackets got new uniforms, too. I’m going to be honest. They kind of look the same to me.