Bowman Not a Big Fan of the TPS Report

Did anyone else know the Leafs were talking to Scotty Bowman? That’s kind of random. And what was the position? Higher than GM? I like how the Leafs have an organizational chart by M.C. Escher.
Damien Cox wonders why anyone would sign with the Leafs (as a player or as management), given this crazy structure.
Also, the Blues waived Dallas Drake to open a roster spot. They also got the rights to negotiate with unrestricted free agent Keith Tkachuk from Atlanta. Truthfully, given what Tkachuk will cost, what Tkachuck will contribute, and how he utterly failed the Thrashers in the playoffs, I’d be inclined to keep Drake and his tiny salary and not blow the money on Tkachuk.
The Blues drove to Michigan to tell Drake in person, though, which is classy. He’d make a great Star, don’t you think?