Tkachuk Will Sign Somewhere

Wow. This Keith Tkachuk thing is more complicated than I thought.
Atlanta, which traded Tkachuk’s exclusive negotiating rights back to St. Louis is actually still in the Tkachuk hunt. By trading his rights back to the Blues, the Thrashers won’t have to give up a first-round pick if they sign him.
If you listen to the Blues, though, it seems they want to sign him. So who knows?
Also, Martin Brodeur stepped down from the NHL’s competition committee, saying the league isn’t doing enough to protect goalies. Which they aren’t. This season basically made it officially OK to throw picks at goalies and/or to take them out moments before the puck entered the crease. It’s crazy how little the NHL cares about its goalies. Plus, no one likes committee work. That’s kind of a fact.