Free Will/Free Agency

I’m really surprised about all of the no-trades being given out. Chris Drury and Scott Gomez supposedly got one from the Rangers. And Ryan Smyth got one from the Avs. Of course, Todd Marchant had one in Columbus and that didn’t really mean anything. It’s still interesting, though.
Michael Nylander’s not going to Vancouver: he’s back with the Caps. I have to say, I was pretty shocked about the Vancouver rumor. Nylander’s got a big, young family in Connecticut and part of the feeling that he wouldn’t leave the Rangers revolved around his not wanting to uproot his family. DC makes a lot more sense, though. I wonder if he lost money on his game of chicken with the Rangers. AP says Nylander will get a four years/$19.5 million. The New York Post said that the Rangers bailed when the bidding hit four years/over $20 million. So I’m not sure what that all means.
Speaking of Smyth, Isles GM Garth Snow is already starting to get flack for giving up so much to rent Smyth for a few games. Smyth is a funny guy. Didn’t he get traded to the Islanders because of a $100,000 negotiating gap with Edmonton? But he left a cool million on the table to play for Colorado. Of course, some people might pay more not to play on the Island.
Todd Bertuzzi got a two-year deal from the Ducks. I don’t have details on the contract but I’m a bit shocked he’s not year-to-year given we still don’t really know how he’ll play over a full season. Still, Bertuzzi has tremendous upside and if anyone can get him going, it’s ex-Canucks GM/current Ducks GM Brian Burke.
Also, Ranger Pundit Mike has a great post laying out just how pointless the lockout was.