Islanders: ‘Surprise! You’re Our Captain’

Wow. Bill Guerin goes straight to the head of the line and is the new captain of the Isles.
It’s kind of a weird move since he’s only on a two-year contract and I can’t believe he’ll be on the Island past that.
Also, I’m not quite sure why they made it a surprise to Guerin. That’s kind of awkward for him, don’t you think? He can’t really say no in front of everyone. I think a cake would have been a much nicer surprise.
Also, Mike York is a Coyote. I have no idea how long they’ll be there, but the comments on the Arizona Republic site talking about how cheap the team is (scroll down) are pretty funny.
I don’t actually think York is a horrible choice. He has the ability to be a strong two-way forward &#151 he just hasn’t demonstrated the ability in quite some time. If I were the Coyotes, I’d also take a look at Eric Lindros. Mike York played some great hockey when he was on a line with Lindros and Theo Fleury in New York. Maybe they can recapture some of the magic in Arizona. I mean, given how both York and Lindros played last season, it’s a pretty huge if, but it’s interesting to consider. Plus, it can be done on the cheap, which the Coyotes love.