Devils: ‘Is Alexandre Daigle Still Playing? We’ll Make Him an Offer’

I’m constantly shocked by the free agents the Devils are allegedly interested in: Alexei Yashin? I almost hope the Devils land Yashin and Sheldon Souray. I’d love to see those two &#151 together, of course &#151 try and execute Devils’ hockey.
I guess the one upside would be they would each have someone to talk to when they’re planted in the offensive zone, not playing any kind of defense.
Sadly, for me anyway, Yashin is threatening to play in Russia if teams keep making offers that take his massive Islander payout into consideration. Yup. No discounts for you, NHL!
Also, kudos to the always-excellent Mike Heika for writing what so many people are thinking: the NHL just doesn’t have enough talent to merit an expansion (login info.).