Devils: ‘Duck!’

Wow. I’m never going to coach the Devils. They’re freaking tough. From Larry Brooks:

With [GM Lou] Lamoriello attending to administrative duties and therefore absent from his usual perch at the rink, one of the veterans intentionally shot a puck at [coach Claude] Julien during a drill to test how the coach would respond. The story goes that when Julien refused to confront the athlete or even acknowledge the overt act of disrespect, the players concluded that the head coach would have to go, and essentially fired him.

Good luck, new coach Brent Sutter. Watch your head. Also, I love how the no one on the Devils would assume for one second that Julien would somehow assume the shot puck was an accident.

Also, Joe Watson and Derian Hatcher talking hockey is pretty cool (login info.). My favorite tidbit (and it’s all really interesting stuff):

Watson: You know what? The rule book in 1972 was [not very] thick. And when the Flyers came in, the Broad Street Bullies, all of a sudden the book went like that [fingers widening]. In what, 2 years, there were more rules. [President] Clarence Campbell was so confused. They instituted more rules against the Flyers in 2 years than they did the first 60 years of the National Hockey League.

Obviously, Watson, but also Hatcher, are not huge fans of what the NHL has become.