Arbour Day

You’ve got to hand it to Islanders’ coach Ted Nolan. He’s really doing everything he can to remind current players of the franchise’s glory days. His most recent idea: Bringing back four-time Cup-winning coach Al Arbour to coach his 1,500th game. Of course, coaching is a strong word. According to the Times, Arbour won’t change lines; he’ll just kind of give between-period speeches.
Still, it’s a classy move by Nolan and a way of legitimizing a franchise that mostly has a reputation for long, bad contracts.
On the business end of things for the Isles, who are basically a small market team trapped in a huge market, Islanders’ great (and current executive director of corporate sponsorships) sent signed skates to 75 Long Island businesses in an effort to drum up corporate sponsorship. The Isles have got to be one of the most aggressive teams in terms of boosting their gate and trying to generate revenue. Very few things impress me about the Isles, but their marketing is pretty tight. Sometimes, I wonder why the business side isn’t helping the hockey side.