Dumb Donald Is So Dumb, When He Played On My Line, He Actually Iced His Blank

Cool. Mike Milbury is joining NBC and their revamped non-studio studio show. Sadly, for him at least, Bill Clement won’t be a part of NBC’s hockey coverage, though (Thanks to Neil Best for being all over this, by the way).
I never loved NBC’s studio show, which felt overly long and pointless. Clement, who seems like a nice enough guy, felt like he came from another era. I’m not saying I need some kid rapping at me (Yes. Sadly, that is my concept of what constitutes hip), but I want someone who does seem a little connected to the modern world. Clement seemed to think it was enough to refer to his co-hosts as linemates, but I needed something a little hipper. Milbury, who’s as honest as he is crazy, seems like he could be great and engaging. And ultimately, that’s what’s going to help NBC sell hockey. If people accidentally flip over and catch Milbury, they might be tempted to stay with the game. Especially if it’s just a quick on-site pre-show versus that bizarre game show set Versus and NBC seem(ed) to love. With Clement and the old studio show, I suspect people felt they might be watching ESPN Classic or the Game Show Network.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I hosted MATCH GAME 89 for two weeks, quitting upon being told we were not actually broadcasting to any kind of audience.
Also, as just about everyone is doing with their sport, Terry Frei wonders if any kind of NBA-esque cheating/gambling scandal could hit the NHL. Short answer: anything is possible, isn’t it?