Blades of Steel

Pop Jocks has some nice details on NHL 08.
I didn’t love NHL 07, but I’ve really loved a lot of the earlier versions. And 08 lets you also manage an AHL team, too, meaning you can actually develop a minor league. It also means NHL 08 has more functionality than the Chicago Blackhawks.
Also, the Canucks unveiled their new jerseys today. Listening to Team 1040, I didn’t hear too many fans. It’s basically the old uniform logo placed over the 1970s colors. I could have just gone back to that 1970s uniform. I love the C logo with the hockey stick in it. Plus, I kind of get the San Jose Shark and the Canuck confused.
Finally, Mike Heika says that even though Ed Belfour (whom he covered for quite a while as a Star) is going to play in Sweden, he wouldn’t be shocked if he eventually returned to the NHL.
I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Belfour return.