Fun at Camp

How do you not love the start of training camp? Of course, this offseason, 90% of what you read has to do with “new” uniforms, 85% of which look the same. Seriously. By the way, if you’re genuinely curious about the new NHL uniforms, you grab sneak peeks via NHL 08. Although, I do kind of like the quiet dignity of Dallas’ new home jersey (login info.). It’s almost retro.
One of the great things about the start of training camp is that everyone is starting with a clean slate. In Colorado, Jose Theodore is looking to return to his Vezina-like form. Defenseman Jeff Jillson is just trying to crack an NHL lineup. Over in New York, Darius Kasparaitis is trying to do the same thing, having had a horrible year last season, complete with a demotion, injuries, a divorce, and panic attacks. Over in Columbus, Adam Foote and Sergei Fedorov are going to try and show they’re not past their prime, which is going to be tough, since they are. Out on Long Island, they’d kill for an old slate to have to clean. They’re basically rebuilding their top two lines from scratch.