Islanders Find a Clue

Charles Wang, who owns the Islanders, is such a weird guy. His franchise is synonymous with insanely bad contracts. And yet, Wang does have some genuinely good negotiation instincts. Forward Sean Bergenheim stalled signing his contract with the Islanders last year. When it wasn’t done before training camp, Wang told him it wouldn’t get done period. So Bergenheim spent last season in the Swedish Elite League.
Bergenheim signed with the Isles this offseason. For the same contract the Islanders had on the table last year.
See? You thought I was going to say he got a 20-year deal, didn’t you? But it was really nice negotiating.
Also, Simon Gagne is in the running for the Flyers’ C (login info.). PuckUpdate’s official position is that we support Sami Kapanen for the captaincy. I’m going to start rolling out some attack ads later this week.