Rangers Take a Stand

Last week, there was some weird buzz about the Rangers fighting the NHL over control of their own Web site. Yesterday, Larry Brooks got into the details, speculating the issue isn’t just the Rangers’ Web site. Brooks says the issue also involves the direction, or lack thereof, of the NHL itself. This paragraph pretty much sums the whole thing up:

According to one source, the NHL projects revenue of merely $4 million through European enterprises this season, that compared to the approximately $125 million the NBA is believed to generate from its international endeavors. Despite a player base that’s greater than 30 percent European, the NHL has failed to take any meaningful initiatives regarding globalization, just as it has failed to take any meaningful economic initiatives at all – other than redesigning its clubs’ uniforms to capitalize on retail sales, that is.

On a semi-related note, Tim Panaccio, via Spector says the six Canadian teams represent more than a third of the league’s revenue. I’m not sure if that was measured before or after the surge of the Canadian dollar, but it does spotlight just how the NHL really hasn’t made any inroads anywhere. The NHL in Prague next season? Was England that much of a priority? During the World Cup?