Panthers: ‘Of Course We’d Love to Own the Brooklyn Bridge. This Sounds Like a Very Exciting Opportunity’

Say what you will about the Florida Panthers, you have to love any team that admits a certain trade is horrible. You know. Like an injured Todd Bertuzzi for goalie Roberto Luongo. For such a great goalie, Luongo sure does get involved in strange trades. The Isles famously traded him to Florida for the top pick that would become Rick DiPietro. In other words, trading a great goalie in the present for someone who probably will be one in the future. And then, as Panthers’ GM Jacques Martin alluded to, there’s the Luongo trade to Vancouver.
That was a pretty bad trade, but for my money, Joe Thornton to San Jose is way, way worse. I wish Boston would admit to that. I think it would give a lot of people closure.
Also, while I haven’t talked much in public about the late-season collapse of my beloved New York Mets, the shocking failure did actually impact the hockey world: Isles play-by-play man Jiggs McDonald, a fantastic announcer, was heading to Long Island to cover for Isles/Mets’ voice Howie Rose, who was expecting to be working the baseball post-season. Instead, Jiggs just kept on driving to Florida. Which is a shame, because Jiggs has a wonderful, old-school play-by-play style. I’m sure the man has no desire for the grind of the work, but NBC or Versus should try and pry him loose from retirement for at least a few post-season games.
Also, I did a great interview with n+1 previewing the upcoming season. While it’s a little late, it’s pretty entertaining stuff:

n+1: Do you ever watch those old Rangers games on MSG? They look like they’re in slow motion.

Steven: Yeah. And tiny.

n+1: And bald.

Steven: And grainy.

It’s worth a read, in my humble, prejudiced opinion.