No Jovo to Rangers

John Dellapina from the Daily News takes on the Ed Jovanovski to the Rangers rumor that’s been kicking around (most recently seen here): Dellapina says there’s no way it can happen for cap (and other reasons). I was pretty shocked when I read about it, because the Rangers are so close to the cap and because Jovo makes so much money. Also, the Rangers are pretty stocked with defensemen, although the quality is a bit of an issue.
So that’s all settled then.
Also, Chuck Klosterman had a piece in Esquire featuring four suggestions on how to save sports journalism. He’s got some interesting ideas, like not reporting on the ratings of the various sports (<cough>NHL on Vesus<cough>). Another one blames PARDON THE INTERRUPTION (and ESPN, by extension) for what he calls “the argument model” of sports. Obviously, ESPN and PTI stole that particular model from sports talk radio. It’s an OK read, though. But I don’t get the vibe Klosterman’s a huge sports fan. His suggestions seems to be geared more towards bring sports into the mainstream a bit more.