Who Can Stop the Flyers? Seriously. Help!

So what happens first? Do the Flyers just run out of players to suit up or do they hurt everyone else in the league until there’s no one left to play? While I’m reasonably sure Randy Jones didn’t mean to splatter Patrice Bergeron into the boards, you have to wonder what Philadelphia coach John Stevens is telling his players. One incident is relatively random. Two could be coincidence. But three awful incidents, all from the same team? At a certain point, the league has to look at the coaching.
Obviously, none of this applies to Sami Kapanen (login info.).
And while the league is looking at stuff, they really need to look at the beatings goalies continue to take during the course of a game. Watching Leafs-Rangers Saturday, I saw two or three times when Toronto players shoved Rangers into Vesa Toskala, Toronto’s own goalie. Like since a fellow Maple Leaf is initiating the hit, Toskala is somehow immune to injury. Just because teammates don’t care about a goalie, and Toronto isn’t the only team I’ve noticed this with, doesn’t mean goalies around the league don’t deserve protection.
Also, last week Larry Brooks wrote a kind-of rough column, wondering if Brendan Shanahan’s career was finally over. Sunday, Brooks apologized (scroll to the end). Who says hockey is brutal? You know. Outside of Philadelphia.
Finally, my fantasy column is up on RotoRob.