Toronto Bills

OK. There was some stuff from the Sunday paper that I forgot to mention yesterday. Like the Buffalo Bills are going to play eight home games in Toronto over the next five years. Does this signal the end of hockey’s dominance there? I don’t know. Would a full-time NFL team in Toronto tip the scales away from hockey? I don’t know. If you’re in Toronto, feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts. Listening to The FAN today, though, I heard a fair amount of NFL talk. I don’t think that’s that out of the ordinary, though.
The Times also had a piece on the Islanders hooking up with an Islanders fan board. Interestingly, and perhaps insignificantly, the article mentions Islander fans clamoring for the Isles to dump the massive contract of Alexei Yashin, which the Islanders eventually did. Was the Yashinectomy an attempt to woo fans? I’m sure it wasn’t the only factor in the decision, but I have a feeling it might have been a factor. Which is pretty neat if you think about it. That’s fan friendly. Maybe, eventually fans can even vote on who the team will sign.
Also, speaking of fans, you’ve got to check out these positively insane commercials by the Phoenix Coyotes. Featuring a puppet. A vaguely offensive French-Canadian puppet. And Wayne Gretzky. I’d love to see the concepts that got rejected from this campaign. Maybe having the puppet take some betting action from Gretzky?