Isles: ‘Don’t Sign Here. Your Word Is Oak’

Larry Brooks had a shockingly emotional reaction to Al Arbour’s return behind the Islander bench. To compensate, he busted the Isles for not paying Neil Smith for the month and change he worked for them. Although Smith apparently never signed a contract with the Islanders, which makes me wonder if that’s part of why things didn’t work out. Like he wanted to be the GM who didn’t require signatures or something.
Mark Herrmann had a funny story about Arbour and his cultural frame of reference. I’d give more details, but I don’t want to blow the punch line.
Scott Niedermayer still hasn’t decided if he’ll return to the Ducks, and the team is already carrying eight defensemen (login info.). Eventually, the Ducks will be a team made up entirely of defensemen. And Niedermayer will still be debating whether to join them. Seriously. Hamlet. Make a decision.
Also, Are the Penguins interested in Dallas goalie Marty Turco? Every Stars fan is on his/her knees right now, praying the answer is yes.
Finally, the Penguins and Sabres will wear retro uniforms for their outdoor game. I’m guessing the teams will also get their toques on, as Jose Theodore did when he played outside. It was an awesome look.