Stealing Goalies

I can’t believe the Ducks couldn’t find anyone to give up anything for goalie Ilya Bryzgalov (login info.). GM Brian Burke said he was surprised, too. The Ducks waived Bryzgalov and the Coyotes claimed him. Then, Bryzgalov earned a shutout in his debut for his new team. Interestingly, Arizona now has six goalies between the NHL and AHL teams, so they’re probably going to try and move somebody, which might be hard since there somehow doesn’t seem to be a market for quality goaltending. Or Alex Auld.
I think Burke had to give away Bryzgalov because teams knew Burke needed to clear salary to get some more scoring talent. They were counting on Burke running out of options and waiving the goalie.
Also, join me in praying for the release of the JD24C.